Tank Trouble 2

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  • Tank Trouble is one of the most accessible games, which is quite addictive and exciting too. This game allows you to compete with three different players, and you need to fight your battle for gaining supremacy in the maze field.
  • You need to manage a tank while moving in the maze and kill your enemies. 
  • The cannon throws out the fire ricochet at you on the maze walls, so you have to be careful and look for stray bullets.
  • You also may end up hitting the bullets on your tank itself, so be alert. 

How to play 

  • As mentioned above, the game is pretty easy to play. Players need to make use of arrows on their keyboard to control their tank movement. The respective indicators for different directions help move your tank. 
  • You can use spacebar to fire the primary weapon of the tank. On the other hand, in a 2-player game, as a second player, you can use WASD keys and key for firing shells. 
  • The responsive arrow keys help you to tap the keys gently to enable tank movement. 
  • Also, you can hold space/Q key to continue firing or just tapping once for firing as required. 

The objective of the game

  • The main objective of the game is to damage the tanks of your enemy while protecting your tank against damage
  • Based on the match size, the players need to be the last tank remaining in the maze. Apart from being the last tank, you can also score high to be the winner.
  • Players can earn points for any damage they cause to their enemies. When they succeed in destroying the enemy tank, then they are given extra points. 
  • You can now enjoy this entertaining multiplayer game even in school, office, malls, etc. it is exciting to play this game in 2 –player mode with your friend.