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Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

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Mahjong Dark Dimension is a series of Mahjong Connect games , which was being originated from China and by maintaining number of years success it goes on increasing with different versions and their separated series. Mahjong Dark Dimension is a single player game, which has number of tiles in pairs, which are being distributed in vertical and horizontal rows and columns and limited moves to a player makes the game more interesting ,player need to connect tiles whose adjacent sides are free . The Goal of a player is to match and open identical tiles and let them connect with each other with Ninety degree angle, as it will remove them and vacant the space where tiles were placed which will let them be near to their pairs and remove the pairs by opening the mirrored tiles in efficient time to complete the level, or clear the board quickly which will leads to next level . Player have to complete the level in time which will lead them to next levels as there are number of levels with a timer, once the given period of time ends the game ends. Mahjong Dark Dimension game is being effective for the presence of mind with the rotational moves and finding the pairs and connect them with a line as defined two maximum ninety degree angles can remove the pairs and help player to clear the level and leads to next level . Player performance is being calculated by the time taken by the player to complete the level. With higher levels the performance of a player needs to be more efficient to complete the level in efficient time , which will help player to be more attentive and increase their concentration power as well. Mahjong Dark Dimension also have Bonus like Speed Match Combo , as its ability is to activate a points multiplier if a player make a match within 3 seconds , Re-arrange is used to shuffle the tiles placed on the board, Multi Match Combo is another bonus which will help a player to get bonus for matching several of same image type of tile in a row , Time bonus is the Bonus which is being carried out of the remaining time which is being left after completing the level, as with a good performance by a player, a time Bonus -will be added as a score.